Big Woo Films is a tiny little independent movie production company in Toronto, Canada. We believe in digital filmmaking, but we don't believe in DRM. We also don't believe in ghosts, and we're pretty skeptical about the colour pink.

We make movies so you don't have to.

Are there any roles available at Big Woo Films?
At this time there are no cast or crew positions available. Should we have any production or post-production positions available, they will be announced on this site and posted in as many places on the net (and around Toronto) as we can think of. If we're hiring, you'll know.

Can I send you my script? / Will you make my movie?
The short answer is: sorry, but no. We cannot accept nor read submissions of scripts or pitches. But we do welcome email about filmmaking in general, or to learn what other indie movie makers are up to.